After NY’s withdrawal, inBloom to shut down

From the Politics on the Hudson section of LoHud, from the writers of The Journal News and Gannett
21 April 2014, 12:00 pm

And who says the public can’t affect politics, education, and policy?

It appears New York’s decision last month to withdraw from a controversial student-data portal was the knockout punch for inBloom.

The Atlanta-based company started by the Gates Foundation and the Carnegie Corp. with $100 million said today it is shutting down.

“I have made the decision to wind down the organization over the coming months,” CEO Iwan Streichenberger said in a letter on the company’s website. “It wasn’t an easy decision, and the unavailability of this technology is a real missed opportunity for teachers and school districts seeking to improve student learning.”

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Spying on Students

Diane Ravitch is calling attention again to InBloom, the cross-state entity that is creating a network of student learning data. She writes

Parents and school districts are beginning to understand that student information will no longer be private.

The Gates Foundation and the Carnegie Foundation created something called the Shared Learning Collsborative, now called inBloom. They have a contract to Wireless Generation, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, to create the software to collect massive amounts of data. InBloom will collect confidential data about students. It will be stored on a “cloud” managed by Amazon. There is no guarantee that the data cannot be hacked.

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inBloom, in the News

Privacy concerns are growing among parents, educators and some state officials about a Gates Foundation-funded project that is storing an unprecedented amount of personal information about millions of students in a $100 million database that cannot guarantee complete security.

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