The Education-Drug Use Connection

If our recent discussion of long-term effects of high-stakes testing/schooling piqued your interest,  The Education-Drug Use Connection: How Successes in Failures in SchoolRelate to Adolescent Smoking, Drinking, Drug Use, and Delinquencyoffers an in-depth discussion of recent reports on teen drug use.

Does success in school protect teenagers from drug use? Does drug use impair scholastic success? This book tackles a key issue in adolescent development and health—the education-drug use connection. The authors examine the links and likely causal connections between educational experiences, delinquent behavior, and adolescent use of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine.

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Zombie Ideas in Education: High-Stakes Testing and Graduation Policies

In her journal article, Zombie Ideas in Education: High Stakes Testing and Graduation Policies, University of Rhode Island Professor Diane Kern examines the key issues that have emerged about high-stakes testing and its use as a high school graduation requirement. Kern presents a research-based “specific plan for getting accountability right.”

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Kern, Diane. “Zombie Ideas in Education: High-Stakes Testing and Graduation Policies.” New England Reading Association Journal 49.1(2013): 96.

A Teacher Educator’s Perspective

SUNY New Paltz teacher educator Julie Gorlewski provides a balanced perspective about the edTPA and related reforms sweeping the country.  She begins:

One of the greatest challenges for teachers is preparing students to live in—ideally, to succeed in—a world that does not yet exist. In a democracy, teachers must prepare students to participate in the creation of that world. As teacher-educators, we seek to prepare our students to prepare their future students for this approaching reality—a world that they must imagine and construct, simultaneously.

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Literacy Scholar Critiques Common Core

Arthur Applebee of SUNY Albany expertly lays out the promises and pitfalls of the Common Core Literacy Standards.  In short, they could have been more than they are and are being tainted by a rushed implementation full of poor assessment decisions.

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